Friday, January 2, 2009

On humor

Is it me? Sometimes people are offended by my jokes, and I wonder if maybe my sense of humor is so idiosyncratic that it is impossible to expect anyone else to share it. The mock-braggodocio of my "about" description -- styling myself a bon vivant and raconteur -- is often misinterpreted by humorless lefties. Well, who can expect them to get a joke?

It's somewhat more disturbing when my jokes are misunderstood by friends and allies, as indicated by some of the comments on the "Guest Blogger of the Year" post. Seeking a hook for linking Iowahawk's hilarious Rita Ortiz post, I decided to combine it with a link to Jules Crittenden's post announcing his Weblog Award nomination, and frame it in the joking context of pretending to have my feelings hurt that I had not been nominated.

So, just to clear up any misunderstanding, I apologize to any of "you ungrateful bastards" who were offended by the joke. Don't blame yourself. It's not your fault that I'm a bad blogger whose jokes aren't funny.


  1. Actually, I got the joke. Hence, my smart-aleck comment about not being nominated either. Oh no! That means TWO of us have a lousy sense of humor!

  2. It isn't you.
    The essense of (not)humor is taking oneself seriously in public.
    While you have been noted taking other, appropriate things seriously, when it comes to you yourself, you're safely in the 'not so much' category.
    Would that others could say the same.

  3. Mr. McCain, your jokes are funny. We're just living in a humourless age.

  4. No worries, RSM. I got the joke and thought it was funny.

    What I'm wondering is if you will comment on this post from Hot Air:

    Do you still think the 2012 nomination will be Jeb Bush vs. Please God Not Jeb Bush? They're listing Jeb as having 20-1 odds. That's really low. Maybe the Bush dynasty is finally finished.

    And what do you think of all this speculation that Obama is a shoo-in for re-election?

    I'm looking for your take on this because I trust your judgement. You've become one of my favorite bloggers.

  5. Like Righty64, I got the joke. I hope I don't have to resort to emoticons ;) to signal sarcasm.

  6. Call it "prangst," a fusion of pretentiousness and angst, a word invented by Blogger just now in the Word Verification section.