Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tom Hanks calls you un-American

If you live in one of the 49 states where gay marriage is still illegal, he questions your patriotism:
There are a lot of people who feel that [opposition to gay rights] is un-American and I am one of them. I do not like to see any discrimination codified on any piece of paper, any of the 50 states in America, but here’s what happens now.
With the sole exception of Massachusetts, we are all living under tyrannical un-American oppression. And we never even realized it until Tom Hanks told us so.


  1. Charlie Wilson had a good understanding of what American values are. Tom Hanks does not.

  2. Discrimination is a morally neutral term, Hanks! There's just discrimination and unjust discrimination, judges have no charism of infallibility on the matter, and neither do movie stars.

    But thanks for the John Adams miniseries!

  3. Celebrities,

    Is there anything they DON'T know?

  4. Apparently according to Mr. Hanks all Americans in history prior to 1995 were bigots since they didn't move toward this direction previously. That would of course include him.

    Looks like he's taken lessons from Richard Cohen.

  5. "Un-american oppression"? Sounds Like Mr. Hanks (Tom, that is, not the talented artist Steve Hanks) is fomenting rebellion. As I recall the Declaration of Independence (that is still considered an American kind of document, right?) says something along the lines of "When in the course of human events .. responsibility of the people .. throw off" Or something like that.

    So, is Tom Hanks really telling us to rise up and rebel, throw down the government and create a government fair and just to all? And this is coming from the same liberal, Democratic pinnacle of virtue that gives us "Girls Gone Wild", the Bailout fiasco, and other "Please, just stick that cash in my pocket for me!" programs?

    I am afraid Tom will just have to go on without me.

  6. Someone should tell Tom Hanks that excessive taxation is un-American. So when Obama starts talking about redistribution of income... what... do... I... do????