Monday, January 12, 2009

Femiinist says 'yes' to extinction

You can't make this stuff up:
Thus as I realized how the cultural imperative on starting a family was unfair to women and the poor, I felt an instinctive aversion to it. That is the emotionally conditioned response that could override our responses to needs and instincts that make us want to reproduce. And if we rule out the biological 'instinct', which is strictly only to have sex and not to reproduce, my case for saying no to reproduction becomes much stronger.
The La Bea Tar Pits of feminism.

Darlene at PW: "Help! My uterus is oppressing me!"

UPDATE: Ace of Spades never misses a chance to mock Feministing. Let's face it, those idiots need to be mocked, and mocked often, by someone who knows how mock.


  1. If this keeps up, civilization won't have to worry about feminism a few generations from now (posterity will have to put up with the aged ones, however).

  2. Ah, the feminist version of "unlimited highway speeds, to allow natural selection to thin the gene pool".

    You won't be worrying about old feminists. Without a next generation, we would have no security - and be overrun by army after army of those that don't worry about why women have babies.

    And thus feminists prove, once and for all, the process of evolution - where unhealthy attributes weed themselves out of the gene pool. Have they considered, as the rest of the world knows, that if you want your ideas, your culture, your nation to survive - you teach it to your kids. If feminism were a viable philosophy, they should have been plotting to indoctrinate second and third generations of descendant.