Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hate or hysteria?

A CNN story recycling the increasingly tiresome "assassination watch" meme gets the ridicule it deserves from Bob Owens at Confederate Yankee:
[Obama] stands for nothing, and represents nothing. The simple fact of the matter is that until he's actually sworn into his first-ever leadership position on Tuesday and had time to flail and make a series of horribly stupid mistakes, there isn't anything he's done to make him worth an effort on his life.
The CNN white-supremacist-assassin scare story, frankly, overlooks the possibility that Klan wackos are rational enough to realize that an assassination would be bad for business. If having a black president gins up interest in KuKluxism, Obama's good for business. So why would they want to bump off their No. 1 recruiter?

Furthermore, Obama is taking office in the midst of an economic meltdown that his policy agenda will almost certainly make much worse. Insofar as Obama is perceived as a symbol of blackness, then, his presidency will likely damage the image of black people as much as the Bush administration has damaged the image of Texans. So I'm having a hard time seeing the motivation of the Klan assassins CNN is so worried about.

Notice, however, that CNN and the "experts" they consult seem completely oblivious to the scenario of an al-Qaeda terrorist attack on the president of the Great Satan. That's because al-Qaeda is Muslim, and fostering fearfulness of Muslims is "hate." The media want you to worry about a relative handful of tinfoil hat kooks, rather than about the bloodthirsty terrorist enemies who want to kill us all.

UPDATE: Greeting TPM readers, who've been told what an awful person I am. My advice: Don't worship in the Church of Morris Dees.

UPDATE II: The real danger to Obama? He might get hugged to death by Frank Rich.


  1. THANK YOU! Finally someone is saying it!

  2. Well, it's official.
    Obama Derangement Syndrome has officially begun.
    It didn't take you Cons long to prove Obama right:
    You people are bitter.
    Maybe someone can explain to me why this particular loss is so hard on you guys.
    I have my own ideas of why but I'd like to get it from the horse's mouth.
    Obama's presidency is REALLY driving you people nuttier than you already were.
    Perhaps it's the absolute failure and incompetency of the previous administration that, ironically , allowed for the conditions for Obama to get elected? A little let down that your blind faith in the fools you elected ultimately blew up in your bitter faces?
    What I enjoy the most is watching the Right try to figure out why the election went the way it did.
    This is why you see the Right-wing media co-opting what they believe are the techniques of the Left. But humor and ridicule won't work for the Right because Cons don't know how to do it. You guys think Ann Coulter is funny, and well...she's not.
    Good luck suckers.

  3. Ah yes. ODS is alive and well. Much as BDS has been running rampant since he won the election in 2000.

    I don't think we are bitter. We are gravely concerned. Look at all of the folks orgasming over themselves as a guy who literally has no experience whatsoever is about to lead the most powerful nation in the world.

    I find it amazing how people say that the previous administration was such a failed one. The economy grew steadily for six years under his economic policy. When it was proven that the housing market was in trouble the Dems refused to change course, because that would interfere with poor folks getting that 400K home they so desperately needed. So it finally collapsed- and everyone blamed Bush, who, while accepting responsibility really could not be faulted for Congress failing to act.

    The major issue with Iraq is that Bush was too loyal to his SoD. Had Donald Rumsfeld actually listened to his troops, the issue would not have gotten out of hand so quickly.

    Katrina was a fault of LOCAL agencies, and to some extent FEMA. I don’t see how Bush can be blamed. Yet he will be, forever, in the eyes of liberal idiots.

    The reason this loss is so hard is because I cannot believe that there are 53 million stupid Americans who actually bought BO's line of crap. he has no clue what to do, as evidenced by his continued picking of Washington insiders to do the job for him.

    All he needs for the next four years is a good speech writer- someone who can gloss over all of the crap about to come our way. The Great Depression will pale in comparison to what our Congressional idiots have planned for us.

    Bu you are young. And there is hope that you will be able to tell your great grandchildren how there used to be this great nation called America- if you are allowed to tell the story, that is.

  4. Just because you personally aren't able to understand the humor, doesn't make it unfunny.

    The funniest part about your comment is that an unfunny Con coined the term Bush Derangement Syndrome when Obama was still just a state level charlatan. We are so unfunny that the so-called funny and clever left now use our own term to make of us. Now THAT is funny.

  5. Tracy, point taken. Humor is subjective. But Coulter thinks saying that Jews need to convert to Christianity is funny, so go figure.
    Eagle,where do I begin.Why not at the beginning? Bush was selected by the Supreme Court to be our president, thereby igniting ire from the millions who didn't vote for him. Maybe that had something to do with the anti-Bush sentiment in the beginning?
    The idea that Obama has "no experience whatsoever" is as ridiculous as your Palin worship. If you stopped and thought for a second , you would realize that Bush single-handedly destroyed the idea of "executive experience". Pray tell, what kind of experience would prepare someone for POTUS?
    I pity your attempt to cover for Bush.
    Maybe you fell for the "Bush Legacy Tour" where we are all expected to forgive this moron. But hey, he did try his best...I mean seriously. His track record is so weak we are expected to pity him. I thought he didn't care about his popularity?
    The truth is GW so damaged the Republican brand that this desperate attempt to rewrite history is funnier than Ann Coulter trying to be funny. But you seem to like where this country was headed.
    Your paranoid fear of Obama tells me all I need to know about you. Obviously you've been conditioned by the hysteria provided by Right-Wing media. Sadly, the thing that scares you the most is that the Dems can actually get the Country back on track. You don't need to tell me that you are hoping that Obama fails.
    Next time you try to defend your position, try to come up with something a little more convincing than the silly Rove rhetoric. Sure Bush didn't cause Katrina, but his response to the catastophe was abysmal.And Rumsfeld did suck the big one when it came to planning the war, but he was Bush's man until the 06 elections. Hmmmm. And by the way, your boy Cheney called Rumsfeld the greatest Defense Secretary in American history. The bromance continues.
    Maybe if you realized that we too are gravely concerned you would come to understand why America is ready for someone like Obama. I know your side thinks Palin is more qualified, but what do you know? You voted for Bush...TWICE!