Tuesday, January 13, 2009

CPAC 'somber and reflective'?

(BUMPED - UPDATE BELOW) Ed Morrissey recalls the past two Conservative Political Action Conferences:
In 2007, we had just lost the midterms but the activists sounded hopeful that the Republican Party had finally gotten the message about greed, corruption, and big-government solutions. In 2008, when it became apparent that John McCain would win the presidential nomination, it got somewhat somber and reflective.
Eh? Mainly I remember how Mitt Romney's resignation Thursday morning caused some of his supporters to hit the bars for lunch and not emerge until they were stinking drunk. Funny? Man, you haven't lived until you've seen a bunch of "family values" types staggering back into the Omni Shoreham after four hours of crying into their margaritas. Oh, the stories that could be told . . .

Ed's right, however, that Crazy Cousin John ruined the mood. I remember his arrival in the hotel lobby, surrounded by an army of College Republican types in blue blazers, which inspired the Ron Paul supporters to start humming the Darth Vader theme from "Star Wars."

This year, of course, the news that Sarah Palin will speak has made CPAC (Feb. 26-28) the hottest ticket in town.

UPDATE: For some reason, Memeorandum linked this post on the same thread with Marc Ambinder and James Antle -- discussing George Allen's status as front-runner in 2006 -- although neither of them linked here. Curious.

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  1. It's the old adage:

    All conservatives become libertarians as the night wears on at the hospitality suites, and the drinks are flowing.

    That's why we libertarians love conservatives so much.