Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Israel and 'the race card'

Ross Douthat:
It's also worth noting that "race card" debates takes place in a different political context than "anti-Semitism card" debates. In today's America, there simply aren't any major political actors taking explicitly racist/segregationist positions, and in recent national elections the race debate has largely moved beyond even the arguments over racially-charged issues like busing, affirmative action and crime, and into the realm of symbolism and subliminal messaging. The debate over Israel, on the other hand, takes place in a context in which explicit anti-Semitism - anti-Semitism as policy, that is, and with at least a somewhat eliminationist edge - is a live and potent political force
I would argue that anti-Semitism is increasingly tolerated for the same reason that anti-white rhetoric and anti-American rhetoric are tolerated. Whatever that reason is, these phenomena are clearly related, since you see so many people like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright dealing in all three.

The Jew, the white man, the American -- we are equally scapegoated by the same people. There is a Camp of the Saints situation developing, and those creating this situation are the Wrights and their abettors.

UPDATE: Daniel Larison sees matters otherwise, and I'm really not in an argumentative mood now. Perhaps he should take it up with Phyllis Chesler.

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  1. "The Jew, the white man, the American -- we are equally scapegoated by the same people"

    Aside from your interesting conflation of the three examples cited above, I wonder how proud Ann Coulter would be to see you playing the victim card.Poor baby...
    I realize you are catering to the simpletons in the Right -Wing by keeping your arguments as simple as you can. But you're wasting your time when peddling generalities.
    The question should always be: what constitutes racism or anti-semitism?
    Are Don Imus' comments racist, or do you have to burn crosses on someone's lawn to qualify as such?
    Is questioning Israeli policy Anti-Semitic, or do you have to name your child Adlof Hitler to qualify as such?
    You're dealing in slippery slopes here.If people aren't willing to move beyond platitudes and superficial provocation, then all you got is a bunch of folks indulging in self-righteous mental masturbation....
    BTW, you should address some of the Anti-Semitic strains within your own voting block.