Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gentlemen prefer . . .

. . . Christina Hendricks? Anne Hathaway? Natalie Portman? Little Miss Atilla? Well, leave it to French "experts" to get to the bottom of this:
Top thinkers will convene in Paris' prestigious Sorbonne University this week to try to solve a crucial academic conundrum: do gentlemen really prefer blondes?
During a series of erudite talks, experts in literature, art, music and film will examine the male fascination with fair-haired women, delve into stereotypes such as it is easier to seduce a blonde, and see whether they stand up to academic scrutiny.
The conference, called Gentlemen prefer Blondes after the Howard Hawks film starring blonde screen legend Marilyn Monroe, poses such probing questions as: "Why does the blonde exert such fascination and awaken so many fantasies?"
"Blondness awakens desire, probably because of the ambivalence it carries, from innocence to perversion, " said organiser Marie-Camille Bouchindomme.
Hat-tip: Newsalert.

UPDATE: "There is a marked tendency for heterosexual men to be interested in women." Stop the presses!

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  1. So, will the question finally settle the question, of whether gentlemen by nature are sexual predators, is this a cultural trait taught to all gentlemen by their mothers, or predators more likely to be attracted to Blondes?

    I recall Playboy some years ago did an article showing that the same women as blonde, redhead, and brunette drew different responses from their test subjects (men) - blondes were considered more fun, redheads wilder, and brunettes the ones they would be most likely to take home to meet mother (i.e., consider for a mate, as opposed to a sexual adventure).

    Golly, I hope this time we get a useful answer to that nagging question about gentlemen.