Friday, January 16, 2009

Seattle P-I schadenfreude

Genghis at AOSHQ:
Not sure what a death sentence feels like, but I do know that schadenfreude tastes somewhat like Skittles . . . mostly the lime and cherry ones, but not quite as sour.
The pending unemployment of SP-I managing editor David McCumber is the main source of glee, which you should go share.


  1. Y, McCumber is right, it is his job as editor to decide what gets printed in the paper. And, the readers get to decide if his judgement serves their interest and decline to buy his product if not.
    One ignores that at one's economic peril. As that old reactionary Bob Dylan sang, "You gotta serve somebody." Didn't know Bob had an MBA.

  2. David McCumber deserves to be unemployed, here's the opening sentence from that infamous editorial

    "I certainly have plenty of feedback to consider from the ferry photo issue as we go forward."

    What purpose do those last four words serve? That's just plain bad writing.

  3. It looks like the Minneapolis Star-Tribune will be going down this path soon. Not soon enough! These fossil newspapers do not get it. In so many markets, they are the only game in town. Yet, they go way out of their way to alienate potential customers with their left-wing moonbattery. And now, to quote a certain "Christian" minister-guess who? The chickens have come home to roost!