Sunday, January 11, 2009

Joe the Journalist

PJM CEO Roger L. Simon:
In the midst of something of a media uproar, Joe Wurzelbacher AKA Joe the Plumber has landed or is about to land (depending on when you read this) at Israel's Ben Gurion Airport. PJTV and Pajamas Media have been deluged with interview requests for Joe, ranging from Geraldo At Large and the Associated Press to Israel's Channel 10 and Germany's ZDF television giant.
Before Joe left he was interviewed by Fox and CNN, among others. The CNN reporter, particularly, derided the lack of the plumber's professional journalistic experience. Yes, that's CNN - the "professional" network that just yesterday broadcast a video of evidence of supposed Israeli brutality from a Gaza hospital that was entirely fake - a Pallywood production.
Michelle Malkin has more on the anti-Joe jihad among journalists. I guess part of their problem is just raw envy. Hey, I'm also a professional journalist and I'd love it if someone sent me on assignment to Israel. "Foreign correspondent" is kind of a hard gig to get in today's environment of journalistic downsizing, and I'm sure some people in the industry are envious of the celebrity interloper. But that's their problem, not Joe's.

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  1. Only far too late they realize that the problem is the sort of coverage they have been providing. They won't admit that it is their "blame Israel," "blame America," "blame Bush" coverage that has made international reportage an unprofitable and therefore unfunded endeavor, so they blame Joe the Plumber.

    International news is a valuable product, or can and should be. If you intend to sell a tainted version of that product, might as well get it from the cheapest possible Islamist Reuters stringer instead of sending an American journalist to provide it. So, that is where we're getting our mainstream coverage.