Wednesday, January 14, 2009

MoDo on GeithnerGate

She's got a point:
How does a guy on the fast track to be Treasury secretary fail to pay $34,000 worth of federal taxes ($43,200, including interest), or forget to check on the immigration status of a house cleaner -- the same sort of upstairs-downstairs slip-up that has tripped up other top-drawer prospects on their way to top jobs here? Americans expect the man who's in charge of the I.R.S. to pay his own taxes.
It's important to quote MoDo when she's actually right about something. It might encourage her to be right more often.


  1. Taxes for thee but not for me..

  2. You can take MoDo's statement a step further, though. Silly of us peasants to expect the enforcer of tax code (Treasury Secretary) to know how and when to pay his own taxes.

    What else can we expect from the party where Charlie Rangel, in charge of writing said tax code, routinely makes excuses for not paying his taxes.

    Hey Nancy, how's that ethics investigation into Rangel coming?

  3. I am wondering why that tax is so low. 2 years of not making quarterly payments in the 38% tax bracket? So his salary was a whole $50,000 or so?

    What am I missing?


  4. Change we can believe in! Plus ca change plus c'et la meme chose as our French cousins woudl say.