Monday, January 5, 2009

Sonny Corleone in Gaza

From my latest column at Pajamas Media:
By going into Gaza in Sonny Corleone fashion, Israel aims to ensure that the Hamas attacks -- as cowardly as Carlo's battering of Sonny's sister Connie -- are permanently ended.
Of course, Hamas being Hamas, they will never stop trying to kill Jews. Fans of The Godfather will recall that Carlo, being Carlo, chose a coward’s revenge by betraying Sonny to rival mobsters, so that at last Michael Corleone assigned Clemenza to deal decisively with Carlo.
If this analogy can be stretched a bit more, then, where does Glenn Greenwald fit? He's Connie pleading frantically on behalf of her abusive husband: "It was my fault! … I started a fight with him. … Sonny, please don't do anything. Please don't do anything." This is what the Blame Israel First crowd always says whenever Israel responds to repeated attacks by striking back against the terrorists. Always the demand is that Israel should make concessions, always condemnation is reserved for Israel's defenders who are, Greenwald assures us, "guilty of insufficiently weighing the deaths of Palestinian innocents."
Please read the whole thing. Video of the famous encounter between Sonny and Carlo:


  1. So, does your position on Israel count as the Internet form of "courage," considering all of your paleoconservative friends? As in the "Thanks for having the courage to say that" backpatting that goes on around Mideast issues?

  2. The problem Bobby is that people today are such cacasotti. Standing up takes guts. It's easier to point the finger.

  3. I've noticed when I've heard news reports on the radio about the Gaza Strip is that rockets materialize out of thin air to drop on neighborhoods in Israel.. but IDF is marching on the Gaza Strip..