Thursday, January 8, 2009

Obama bitterly clinging . . .

. . . to his BlackBerry.

Fortunately, I haven't gotten the "Crackberry" habit. Yet. I wanted one for Christmas, given that my wife broke my sweet Motorola Razr flip-phone, but . . . it's probably for the better that I don't have one. I see so many of my friends constantly working their BlackBerries, iPhones, etc., and I'm sort of glad I don't have one. With my addictive personality, I'd probably Twitter myself into a coma.

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  1. Your wife did you a favor by breaking your RAZR; hopefully you got something better to replace it. A friend of mine had one for a couple of years, and it consistently failed to hold a charge as well as my Sanyo Katana, to say nothing of having crappier sound quality and worse reception. If you really really want a smartphone, try the new Palm Pre, which is like an iPhone only with a real keyboard and replaceable batteries.