Thursday, January 8, 2009

Advertising is rape (and other profound truths of feminism)

"This is what the victory of Barack Obama means for women: We are all fair game":

As bizarre as the "Burn It Down" video may be, its ideology is really no more extreme than the Women's Caucus at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, where one speaker -- actress Rosario Dawson -- earnestly assured her fellow delegates: "One-in-three women in this country will be affected by rape, abuse or be killed."
There it is again -- "one-in-three women," the statistical assurance that any woman who hasn't yet been victimized still has a chance to claim her prize in the victimhood lottery. You're "fair game," Obama is to blame, and don't let anyone tell you different, sister.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE: A 130+ comment thread at AOSHQ.


  1. Amazing how they manage to make take a subject where I'm otherwise inclined to agree with them and then twist it into something stupid and objectionable.

    I deplore crude, vulgar and sexually exploitative imagery in commercial media, and should be happy that they agreed with me. As a developing Christian I consider treating people as objects one of the fundamental sins. Instead of simply standing for the dignity of humanity these bitter morons conflate the objectionable, ugly things with humorous, provocative and/or attractive images, wad them all into a ball and blame it on what, patriarchy?

    Commercial use of the female body is not patriarchal, pretty much the opposite, in fact. Obviously, they have some other ax to grind that is more important to them than creating a culture opposed to crude imagery and use of women.

    Feminists are some dumb bitches.

  2. Ronsonic pretty much hit the nail on the head. There's a good case to be made that this imagery does have a negative impact on women's self-image, but then they had to go and take it to a completely ridiculous level.

  3. Man... if there ever was a video deserving to be Rick Rolled.. it is that one..

    Regarding the adds they displayed.. wouldn't that make the people who made the video just as guilty of abuse/rape/murder?

    And sure, some of the adds are very questionable and without the benefit of product placement, would be porn. Others are very plain and harmless (the captian Morgan comes to mind).

    Would that fall under the category of Irony if the fact that most of the photographers and models in those ads are liberals and agree with the message of the video?