Saturday, January 10, 2009

Angelina Jolie dissed

Anne Hathaway couldn't hold back the rambling and tears as she received the dual honor of Best Actress (along with "Doubt" actress Meryl Streep) for her performance in "Rachel Getting Married" at Thursday night's VH1 Critics Choice Awards. But one lady who looked less-than-impressed was fellow nominee Angelina Jolie.
As Hathaway gushed about how thrilling it was to win something with her "idol" Streep, the cameras caught Jolie (twice) with such a severe scowl it caused quite the gasp backstage.
Let's put it this way: if looks could kill, Hathaway would definitely be dead.
Along with Natalie Portman and Christina Hendricks, Anne Hathaway is sort of a mascot hereabouts. I never much cared for Angelina Jolie.



    No love for Angelina?

    even when she's going to be Dagney?

  2. Anne managed to be cute, yet disappointing on Leno the other night, when Prop 8 came up.

  3. I'm not a particular fan of Jolie either.

    Outside of her general instability her lips, which people keep saying are her best feature, have always just looked freaky to me.

  4. BAD FACE JOLIE and this hate you displayed and jealousy will follow you a lifetime. Angie is aging and angry she didn't get the win and Pitt losing to his beautiful ex wife in the ratings had to go home with crazy Jolie. They aren't making the same impact on Hollywood and their fans they intended and buying kids from overseas to insure International free PR for life isn't helping them with Americans who recognize they dissed our orphans but want our money. Their fan base is sinking and they'll never be in the money they once were no matter what they do now. It is Jennifer who will soar and Ann Hathaway is refreshing and truly honest when she didn't expect to win with fabulous Meryl Streep as nominee so her speech was not prepared. Still Angie isn't in the loop without a gun as an actress and as she ages, so will her demand in America. Most of us are so sick of her and Brad who both love to kick butt at Jennifer by taling about how they fell in lust. Jennifer is number one at the box office and she'll remain there with all the fans she's made. Brad and Angie should shut up, they're not doing themselves any favors. I love it when they went home without a win! And, read the posts all over, so does almost everyone else. Ha!!

  5. I'd imagine Angie's disappointment was about Brad not attaining an award for his incredible performance in TCCOBB - I'd have felt the same on behalf of my partner - she'd mentioned how incredibly hard he prepares and works at his acting parts