Sunday, January 4, 2009

Israeli air strikes kill cute kittens and Hamas terrorist leaders

But mostly Hamas terrorist leaders:
Senior Hamas terrorist Hussam Hamdan, who was in charge of Grad-type rocket launches into Beersheba and Ofakim, was killed in an IAF strike on Khan Yunis on Sunday afternoon.
Another senior Hamas terrorist, Muhammad Hilo, was also killed in the same airstrike. Hilo was in charge of the Hamas special forces in Khan Yunis.
Via Memeorandum, with a hat-tip to Ace of Spades for the headline style.

UPDATE: From the Israeli military Web site IDF Spokesperson:
  • Between Israel’s evacuation of Gaza and the election of Hamas (Aug. 15, 2005 - Jan. 25, 2006), there was an average of over 15 rocket and mortar attacks a month.
  • Between Hamas’ election and Hamas’ forceful takeover of the Strip (Jan. 25, 2006 - June 14, 2007), there was an average of over 102 attacks per month -- an over 650% increase.
  • Between Hamas’ takeover and the start of the Tahadiya (State of Calm), (June 14, 2007 - June 16, 2008), there was an average of over 361 attacks per month -- an increase of an additional 350%.
  • On Nov. 4-5, Israel launched Operation "Double Challenge", targeting a tunnel Hamas was building as part of a plan to kidnap Israeli soldiers.
  • From the end of Operation "Double Challenge" until the end of the Tahadiya, (Nov. 4 - Dec. 19, 2008) a period of only a month and a half, there were 170 mortars, 255 Qassams, and 5 Grads fired upon Israel’s civilian population centers.
  • Since the end of the Tahadiya (Dec. 19, 2008) until the beginning of Operation "Cast Lead," (Dec. 27, 2008) a period of little more than a week, there were approximately 300 mortars and rockets fired onto Israel.
Which is to say, Hamas deserved an ass-kicking.

UPDATE II: Utterly predictable Hamas response:
Hamas officials called on Palestinians to rise up against Israel with suicide attacks and vowed to make Gaza "a graveyard" for Israeli soldiers.
Right. Holed up in their bunkers, Hamas leaders vow to fight to the last Palestinian civilian.

UPDATE III: Welcome, Instapundit readers. Professor Reynolds gets an additional mention in the related post, Greenwald vs. Goldfarb.

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UPDATE V: Thanks to commenter Mike for pointing out the secondary explosions caused by cute kittens in Gaza:

UPDATE VI: Yes, DoublePlusUndead, I am a moron. And, in related news, don't mess with Sonny Corleone's sister.

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  1. Nice! Did you know that every time the IDF rings Hamas's bell, an angel gets his wings? ;)

  2. Explain to me. Hamas and the Palestinians want to be martyrs. They "love" death -- their words, not mine. So what's the problem with the Israeli army giving them what they want?

  3. Been there. Not Gaza - but the West Bank. Talked to people. Many Palestinians do not want death - they just want a normal life for themselves and their families. Having said that, they mostly all hate and blame the Israelis for their lack of a normal life. From their perspective, this makes sense - also given what they all are taught. But hatred takes many forms. There is a smaller subset (often young, often male) that is radicalized and schooled in violence. Thank both Hamas and Fatah for that. I've seen footage of kindergarten graduations where four and five year olds dip their hands in the 'blood' of Israelis and wear fake 'suicide vests'. There is a careful campaign to steep in hate those that can be steeped in hate (most everybody, given the life they live) and school in violence those that can be schooled in violence. Posters of suicide bombers/killers adorn the walls of buildings. However, to say that all Palestinians want to kill is not true - nor is it correct to say that they all want death. Many, if not most of them are simply reflecting what they are taught and don't want violence at all. I'll close this slightly long post with a quote from a young woman that I spoke to in Ramallah: 'To hell with the Hamas and to hell with the Fatah - because they have put the people into hell!'. And if you think she liked Israelis, you'd be wrong (though she didn't want to kill them, nor did she want to die). And if you think that she had the power to change the way power was distributed in the society, you'd be wrong as well.

  4. RS McCain - how dare you try to channelize John Wayne !!!! chicken hawk, chicken hawk.

    - Glenn "Greatest Living Moral Authority" Greenwald

  5. And some of the kittens cause MASSIVE secondary explosions when struck:

  6. Where do you think those weapons come from?
    They certainly aren't made in Gaza, they are from everywhere in the whole world, USA, Germany, France, England...
    But all those "civilized" *cough* countries dealing weapons to the Israelis as well as the Palestinians can watch those videos and see how their latest weapon shipment to the Israelis whipes out their latest weapon shipment to the Palestinians.
    Don't say a good war isn't profitable, that's just what the worldwide economy needs now.

    [To complete the text insert some random pun on human stupidity in general and big businesses evil trickery]

  7. NATO countries manufacture Soviet-style equipment?

    I did not know that, Imrahil!

    -Mikey NTH

  8. How dare you not talk about the fact that 30% of those Israel has killed are women and children!

    To clarify, women and children represent more than 70% of the people in the Gaza Strip.

    They're Disproportionately killing grown men! THE OUTRAGE!

  9. Thanks to you for the solid post.

  10. This Ace-style headline-writing is spreading like a Gladwellian virus . . . I'd better go get a shot before I catch it.

  11. Yes, I knew you were a Moron, of course I didn't write that post, my co-blogger did.

  12. I think these videos will help you to see clearer the mindset of the Hamas from one who was in it, a son of one of the leaders.

    Escape from Hamas
    Part 1

    Part 2
    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5
    When you watch no 5 and really listen to what he says then hopefully you will see that following Jesus Christ will cost you in a way you never dreamed. He is real and he is worth all that we are and all that we have.

    Part 6
    Now pay close attention to this one. When you truly meet the Lord Jesus Christ, you should expect results even as he does.

    In closing, it is just like the media to show Mary at the beginning of this one and Mary has nothing to do with Christianity. Jesus Christ is what Christianity is all about. Mary's only so called command was to the people at the wedding feast to do whatever Jesus tells them to do.

    In His Majesty's Service,
    Danny D. Bunn, B.A.
    The Lord Jesus Christ said, "...Ye must be born again."

  13. All of these people protesting Israels war on Hamas would be wise to get their facts straight.Hamas wants Israel dead.Hamas sent rockets over the second the cease fire ended.They wont hesitate to do it again.Hamas must be destroyed once and for all.Many innocent people will die.Its a price you must pay for allowing an evil terrorist organization take over your country!!

  14. Impressive statistics from the IDF, but someone numerate should have done an edit -- 3.5 times greater is not an increase of 350%, it's an increase of 250%. The underlying error is repeated throughout the press release.