Friday, January 9, 2009

Salute to Edwardsville, Alabama!

Who says rednecks can't be green?
At first glance, the town of Edwardsville, Ala., with a population of 194 people, might raise a few eyebrows with its bid to receive $375 million from the economic stimulus package being assembled by Barack Obama and lawmakers in Congress.
The tiny town . . . added 33 proposals—about two thirds of them related to "green" energy—to the list of "ready- to- go" projects assembled by the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Total sum: $375,076,200.
(H/T: Michelle Malkin.) Folks, that part of Alabama is my old stomping grounds. I used to go via Heflin up through Whites Gap on my way to Jacksonville State University. And although I am familiar with such speed-trap towns as Fruithurst and Muscadine along U.S. 78, I never even heard of Edwardsville before. It ain't even a wide spot in the road.

Nevertheless, I salute these people. If Congress is just going to start flinging cash hither and yon, some of it might as well fall on Alabama rednecks. So next time you happen to be traveling from Fruithurst to Heflin and you notice that every double-wide trailer along the road has solar-power panels on the roof, you'll know you're in Edwardsville.

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  1. I was waitin' for you to start a blog.

    They can ask for $300m, but I doubt they get $30k. My impression is that most of the money will go to the states, supposedly without earmarks, and that means a higher level of corruption, especially in Alabama, will control the actual spending.