Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January Jones, dissed?

A reader e-mails:
You've been giving a lot of love to Christina Hendricks (which is QUITE understandable), but let's not forget another good reason to watch Mad Men.
He then links to a Vanity Fair feature on co-star January Jones:

I don't know. The thing with Christina Hendricks is that she's such a rara avis. Skinny blondes are a dime a dozen in Hollywood, but you just don't see so many bombshell redheads. But I'm a free-market blogger, so if there is more demand for January Jones, I'll try to provide the supply.


  1. Meh. Every time I see her I think of Jack Nicholson's line from The Departed: "Eat something."

    And I know we should divorce the character from the actress, but she's such a freaking bore on the show that it just makes her seem all the more unappealing.

  2. As the original e-mailer, don't get me wrong - we are of like minds regarding Christina Hendricks. However, not all skinny blondes are created equal ... could you imagine Jessica Simpson or Pamela Anderson playing Betty Draper as convincingly as January Jones?

    It didn't think so.