Monday, January 26, 2009

Sick bags of Hope

Regular commenter Smitty alerts me to a British reader's reaction to the adulatory coverage of Obama in the London paper Metro:
Would it be possible to provide free sick bags with future copies of Metro? Mainly because if I have to endure yet another grovelling, adoring and sycophantic article or letter concerning how supremely wonderful, handsome, awe-inspiring and all round God-like Barack Obama is, I will be in real danger of emptying my breakfast on to the good people riding my train.
It's time to get a grip, everyone.
There is no "Obama Derangement Syndrome" among conservatives, but there is a growing weariness with the irrational enthusiasm for Obama among the media. Whether it's Chris Matthews and his leg thrills or George Stephanopoulos and his tears of Hope, the "grovelling, adoring and sycophantic" coverage is annoying and ridiculous, if not indeed nauseating, as the British reader complains.

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