Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kazart! Republicans grow a pair!

The stimulus bill (H.R. 1) passes the House 244-188, without a single Republican voting "yes."

"Finally. A party of opposition worth its name."

UPDATE: Man, if all it took to get Republicans to vote conservative was to elect a Democratic president, this is a change I can believe in. Republicans were also able to get a vote on their alternative plan, so they can say they didn't just vote "no." Allahpundit says "for good or ill, this is entirely the Democrats' baby now." Surely it will be for ill.

UPDATE II: Worthy mentioning that 11 Democrats also voted "no," so the opposition is bipartisan. Heh.


  1. That's it baby.
    Fight them every inch.
    This is the Political Iwo Jima.

    Let's roll

  2. AMEN to that, R. S.! This is one crap sandwich the GOP can not eat!

  3. I gotta admit, this is the first time in a few years I've actually been proud to be a Republican.

  4. Why is it "for worse" that the Democrats "own" this bill?