Friday, January 30, 2009

Religious intolerance at GWU

Press release from the George Washington University chapter of Young America's Foundation:
In a move of blatant disrespect and religious intolerance, a member of the George Washington University College Democrats defaced and destroyed several of the white crosses used for George Washington Young America's Foundation pro-life demonstration in University Yard. The event, which was called a "Cemetery of Innocents," was held in coordination with the March for Life and included placing 1100 crosses in the ground to represent the 1.1 million abortions performed in the United States every year. 
The defamations of the crosses, which were unlawfully taken from another organization's half of the office, were wide and varied. One of the crosses included a large penis with an actual condom pulled over the top, in lieu of the crown of thorns; the College Democrats' version of the crucifixion. Another included an image of Jesus on the cross, with the word "pwned" over the top (slang for owned) and the word "lol" below, as if the death and crucifixion of the Christian prophet were a humorous event. Some other crucifixes included the words "Darwin" and were laid out with a candy bowl prophylactics encouraging all who entered the College Democrat office to "take a condom." The crosses were left up for well over 24 hours, during which time several members of the College Democrat executive board held office hours, implying knowledge and consent of the displays, which were posted in the College Democrats half of the office.
This move is just an example of the University's leftist students' attempts to marginalize opposing viewpoints. Earlier in the semester, College Democrat President Corey Struble outlined these goals when he told campus radio in an interview that "We seek to marginalize them as much as possible. You remember YAF last year put an ad in the paper saying how marginalized they felt [at GW]. Well, this year we want to make sure that GW is an even more uncomfortable environment for Republicans and conservatives." Despite this kind of rhetoric, GW-YAF has remained undeterred. "It is really unfortunate that the College Democrats and other liberal members of George Washington's campus continue to show such blatant disrespect for the right's point of view. Stunts like this detract from GW-YAF's ultimate goal of encouraging open and intellectual discussion of the political issues facing college students today," Travis Korson said.
This is not the first time in recent memory that religious intolerance has burdened The George Washington University. Last year, a girl was reprimanded in serious fashion for drawing swastikas on doors in residence halls. This is an offense of similar nature, and should be treated as such by our University. This was not a misinterpreted joke; rather it was a vicious attack on Christianity and Conservatism. Although the offense was committed by one member of the organization, the failure to promptly remove the crosses from public display shows an inherent approval by the College Democrats E-Board. The failure to immediately remove the defaced crosses illustrates religious insensitivity, and it may be best that the members of the College Democrats who were not appalled to be subject to a religious sensitivity training seminar.
More at Pat Dollard's site.


  1. So much for rainbows and unicorns.

  2. What I find remarkable is the lack of criminal complaints.

    Theft and hate crimes come to mind. If this happened in an inner city setting, and the media found out, there would be no "prank" alibi.

    Where are the reports of disciplinary action against faculty advisers to the George Washington University College Democrats?

    Where are the reports that George Washington University has rescinded recognition of the College Democrats, permanently or for probation, for committing crimes and sullying the name of the university?

    Where is news of expulsion of the miscreants?

    Where is the Alumni Association, decrying the defacement of Christian symbols (or even decrying using religious symbols to stage a political statement on campus)?

    It is so *very* easy to teach tomorrow's leaders to scoff the law.

  3. So much for rainbows and unicorns.