Monday, January 26, 2009

Thanks, Clark

Clark Stooksbury at The American Conservative suggests me (tongue-in-cheek) as ghost-writer for Sarah Palin's $11 million book. Actually, I'd think my Donkey Cons co-author Lynn Vincent might be ideal for the job, since she's already co-authored the bestseller Same Kind of Different As Me

Of course, on an $11 million deal, there'd be plenty of sub-contracting fees to go around . . .


  1. He's dead wrong. The folk that buy her book, for the most part, will read every word.

    Rod Stanton

  2. She can't write it herself? As told to Robert Stacy McCain... With Lynn Vincent.... Crikey. May be she should give Pat Buchanan the job. I am sure he could get to Alaska for the right check...

  3. Oct. 2, 2009: So now, eight months later, the book is finished, and my former co-author -- whom I've known since 1981 -- has now collaborated on the Palin memoir. Palin is being smeared for working with my friend Lynn, a genius idea for which we can all point the finger of blame at Clark Stooksbury. Thanks, Clark!

    (Oh, and never trust the liberal MSM. It is now being reported that the book contract was worth $7 million, not $11 million as originally reported. Whatever. I don't know what Lynn's cut of the action was, but she ain't hit the tip jar lately. IYKWIMAITYD.)

    -- RSM

  4. Who knows. If Palin got 7m, I would hope lynn got at least 100k, but then again I don't know what the customary fees are for such work. May be going for points is a better idea.