Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rush announces stimulus plan

Actually, he announced it Monday on his radio show, but today he spells out the details in the Wall Street Journal.

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  1. Interesting. What we have right now is the worst of socialism and capitalism. Wall Street and the Bankers enjoyed unfettered capitalism when times were good, and they pocketed record profits and bonuses amidst long-term tax cuts. Now those same people are enjoying socialism through Obama via bailouts paid for by Joe Taxpayer. Anyone else tired of bending over for these people?

    Rush runs the old 'cut taxes' mantra out again, but he doesn't go far enough. How about REALLY cutting taxes to 2% for everyone making less than a million dollars this year? Also, cut the payroll tax to 1%. Tell states to clear out all those "handicapped" people driving 4x4s to their parking spots and jogging to the door. Demand that all bureaucrats take a 30% cut in pay retroactive to Jan. 1st. Why not pay Congress and the president $1 per year until they achieve a balanced budget? (They can live comfortably on their perks alone.) And since the banks and AIG lost money every quarter last year, do not allow them to pay bonuses until they pay back EVERY DIME of taxpayer bailout money received. How can you give out bonuses when you LOSE money! I want that job!

    Rush's problem is the GOP's problem: they're still playing it safe. Time to get radical; time to get serious. I hope Sarah Palin is taking notes on every day's activity and every dollar blown down the toilet. It would be sweet to use as a sledgehammer upside Obama's head in the 2012 debates.