Monday, January 26, 2009

Bill Ayers: John McCain is a terrorist

As Kathy Shaidle said, I'm not making this up:
The question terrorism and the question right and wrong. After all, [John McCain] killed people actually from the air, innocent people. So would you be challenging him on that? Or is the fact that he did it under the rubric of legality, does that make it OK?
Guess who else is a terrorist?
Henry Kissinger is responsible for the death of millions. I’m responsible for the death of no one. Does that distinction not seem to matter? In other words, why am I held up as an example of something beyond the pale. Whereas Kissinger, hey it was normal. He was the secretary of state ... Yeah, he was the secretary of state overseeing an illegal, immoral, genocidal attack on civilians. That is terrorism, pure and simple.
Just so we're clear on the moral categories, right?

Also discussion at Hot Air Headlines.


  1. So.. REAL history started last 20th.

    any history up to there was made up.

    duly noted.

  2. By the oh so flawed, dare we call it logic, spewed forth by this piece of crap both FDR and Trueman are terrorists. Why doesn't he mention the greatest terrorists of the blood-soaked 20th century? Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol-Pot, all socialists by the way.

    But why stop there! Let's also tar Gen. LeMay and all of the B29 pilots who bombed Japan as terrorists too. Hey, what about the airmen of the 8th Air force who bombed Germany?

    The critical distinction that Ayers so conveniently fails to notice is that all of those men did their jobs in the face of an enemy who fought back and who was more than somewhat successful (he need only visit Arlington to see for himself). In the case of Vietnam, these men often flew against enemies who deliberately located their targets in civilian areas for the specific purpose of incurring civilian casualties and capitalizing on the bad press it would generate for their foes. Thanks to the homegrown opposition to the war that Ayers was a part of. By his twisted logic perhaps we could say that he too was a terrorist in that conflict because his actions and those of his anti-war friends encouraged the continuation of such tactics, hence increasing civilian casualties.

    Ayers and his ilk targeted and bombed innocent civilians who were fellow citizens. They did not expect to be attacked. They never once encountered any opposition. Had they, Ayers and his crew of cowards would have run. Their actions were not military in any way. They were terrorism against their own fellow citizens.
    "Guilty as sin, free as a bird."

    One could go on at length but any informed person already knows the truth. The pity is that Ayers now has a sympathetic ear in the White house and many under 30 have no clue, nor do they care about who this man is or what he stands for.

    Once again, let's all stand up and thank the MSM for doing so much to help keep the public informed.