Saturday, January 31, 2009

NYTimes token conservative?

Ron Radosh offers advice to Bill Keller on who should get "the conservative slot on The New York Times op-ed page, now that the paper has not renewed Bill Kristol’s contract." From his list, the only one I really like is Mark Steyn, because (a) Steyn is funny, and (b) Steyn linked me last week. But mainly because he's funny.

Actually, though, I don't want the New York Times to have conservative columnists, period. I don't trust anyone who would accept a check from Pinch Sulzberger. So, if they do hire a "conservative" columnist, it should be someone who is entirely useless. I understand David Kuo is available.


  1. You mean David Benedict Arnold Kuo?! BTW, my local propaganda rag, the Los Angeles Times, is now officially on death watch. And, it can not come soon enough. They squandered their oppertunity to be a great newspaper when they were the only one left after the Herald-Examiner folded 20 years ago. It is amazing that it took this long for the Times to go on its way out!

  2. Frum would also work as a traitor conservative.