Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama's al-Arabiyah interview

Jules Crittenden has great sport with Obama doing his first presidential TV interview with al-Arabiyah.

I'm not surprised, and what's the point of being outraged? Anyone who is shocked by this obviously wasn't paying close enough attention during the campaign, and I'll leave it to others to stoke the bonfires of indignation.

BTW, sorry for getting a late start this morning, but I had an article to finish and was also exchanging e-mails with Splice Today publisher Russ Smith about yesterday's Ann Coulter/Hunter S. Thompson essay. Some Gonzo fans are upset by the comparison, although I haven't yet gotten any angry complaints from indignant Coulter fans.

At any rate, it's snowing outside and we're forecast to get sleet and ice before tomorrow, so that means two days away from the day job (a video-production gig) and plenty of time for blogging. This would also be a good time for devoted readers to hit the tip jar. Of course, it's always a good time to hit the tip jar.

UPDATE: Melissa Clouthier says Obama can't afford to look weak on national defense and foreign policy:
If Obama goofs around with Guantanamo, talks of Space weapons bans, cuts military funding while Iranian ships are being found to have huge weapons caches going to…terrorists, revises wire-tapping standards of foreigners to gather intelligence, sanctimoniously decries rather benign forms of coercion that would save lives, makes his first interview to Arab TV and then America is hit by a terrorist attack, his Presidency will be over. He will ride out his years in office in shame.
Meh. So long as he's sending thrills up Chris Matthews' leg and making George Stephanopoulos cry, he can probably get away with a lot more of that. The shameless idolatry of the MSM is like a force-field around him at this point, and idiots like Matthews and Stephanopoulos obviously don't see the danger, any more than they understand why the neo-Keynesian "stimulus" is bad for the economy. If al-Qaeda were to blow up the White House next Tuesday, the MSM whores would find a way to blame Bush.


  1. Coulthier is an unabashed idiot of the highest order, but she is also falling in line with the new narrative that Cons are beginning to establish.Conservative derangement posits that the measures Bush took(Guantanamo, wire tapping, etc.) is responsible for the non-attacks on the homeland since 9-11( much like the rooster believes his crowing makes the sun come up).This of course means that BO turning back on Bush policy makes the country less safe. Of course the only thing missing in the great Conservative wish list is...another 9-11. Boy, that would really show Obama.

    "If al-Qaeda were to blow up the White House next Tuesday, the MSM whores would find a way to blame Bush."
    Hmmm.....kind of like when Conservative media whores( and whore-mongers in Rush's case) tried to blame Clinton for 9-11. Double standard? Naw....