Thursday, December 11, 2008


VodkaPundit says "about damned time" somebody cracked down on left-lane slowpokes:
MSN reports that some states are starting to crack down on left-lane interlopers to keep traffic moving as well as temper road rage. During the busy summer travel season, the Washington State Patrol began stopping slow-moving motorists for violating the state's left-lane law, which prohibits “impeding the flow of other traffic."
"This is a real big hot-button topic for the public at large right now," Washington Trooper Cliff Pratt told MSN. “We've had a lot of complaints from drivers who’ve had to deal with left-lane campers."
Vodka's idea of beating these people with sticks is excellent. I'm convinced most of them are illiterate and thus unable to read the signs that say, "SLOW TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT." They're probably the same people who can't understand the signs that say, "LEFT LANE ENDS 1 MILE, MERGE RIGHT," and they also seem to have problems with "YIELD."

If you don't know where you're going and you're not in any hurry to get there, how about you STAY HOME? But why bother writing it? Those idiots can't read.


  1. Speaking from experience, In the state of Washington the typical violator in the left lane impeding traffic is from the state of Oregon. Where, I believe, we don't have a left lane law.

    These idiots won't pull into the right hand lane even when it's open. They'd rather the cars behind them violate the law and pass them on the right.

    Now you've gone and gotten my blood pressure into the danger zone!!!

  2. You think that is bad, you should have seen what I saw when I moved to Iowa 6 years ago. Peope actually stopped for yellow lights. I am from NY and red lights are only a suggestion. It was tough. It has to do with control. They are safetycrats that want to ensure no one exceeds the speed limit or violates some other rule. It's the same mentality that promulgates socialism to ensure that no one is successful. Beating them with sticks will do no good at all. People like this should be banned from driving and use public transportation.