Thursday, December 11, 2008

Illegals kidnap Texas corn dog heiress

"Texas corn dog heiress" sounds comical, but it was no laughing matter:
"Of course I made the silly prayers like ‘God, if you get me out of this ...' I was like 'I'll volunteer' and I was like 'I'll be a better example for you' and I was like 'I will just shout your name,'" Amber Fletcher told KTVT-TV on Tuesday. "I was just praying for God to send two big angels to come and guard me."
Ms. Fletcher, 21, was rescued late Monday. She was shaken by her daylong ordeal but otherwise unharmed, officials said.
Three men were arrested in her kidnapping: Adolfo Chavez, 39, of Dallas, Irving resident Placido Porras, 37, and Justin resident Candelario Romero, 44. They remained in custody at Denton County Jail on Wednesday. They each have been charged with aggravated kidnapping for ransom or reward.
Mr. Chavez had once lived next door to the Fletcher family, said Texas Ranger Tracy Murphree, who assisted Double Oak police in apprehending the suspects. . . .
Mrs. Fletcher told police that her daughter had called and said "she needed $100,000 or the kidnappers would kill her," according to police affidavits. . . .
Ms. Fletcher expressed her relief to KTVT-TV on Tuesday.
"I'm alive. I'm with my family and friends again. I'm taking this as a lesson to live life again," she said.
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  1. I don't know about an "heiress," unless the $4 bucks per corn dog the Fletcher's charge at the State Fair has made them richer than I thought. I somehow doubt they have acquired immense wealth from a franchise that operates 3 weeks a year.

    Their corn dogs are damn good, though....they're worth the $4.