Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Christina Hendricks Gay Test

VodkaPundit wrote something very disturbing:
Christina Hendricks so isn’t my type. But lord, I am still a mammal.
"Very disturbing," I say, because if Christina Hendricks isn't your type, Steve, you're gay.

As a matter of fact, I suggest that Christina could function as pretty much a litmus test of heterosexuality. If you're a guy and you don't find her attractive, you might as well move to Provincetown. Note, however, that the Christina Hendricks Gay Test doesn't work for women -- if you're a woman who is otherwise straight but yet find yourself powerfully attracted to Christina, this doesn't make you a lesbian. It just proves how hot Christina is.

She puts the "bomb" in "bombshell," doesn't she? BTW, I was just checking SiteMeter and noticed that someone had reached this page by searching for "Christina Hendricks nude." Sorry to disappoint you, but there are apparently no such pictures available on the Internet. Trust me, I'm a professional journalist, and this is the kind of investigative journalism I'm good at.

Linked by VodkaPundit, who isn't really gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

UPDATE: [Deleted, by request.]

UPDATE II: Melissa Clouthier links. She's a pretty good test, too.


  1. My husband and I agree - Christina is a goddess, and Mad Men is the best thing that has happened to television since Deadwood.

  2. Is it possible to agree that she's lovely in the abstract, while still not being much on about redheads, with application of the G-stick?

  3. Her guest spots on Firefly were the stuff of legend as well -- I know I fell in love with "YoSaffBrig" back then and am glad to know she's still as hot as ever.

  4. These pictures make me think of Roger Sterling's "love confession" (snort snort ... chortle chortle) towards the end of Season 1 of Mad Men. I don't know what's funnier, him saying it, or Joan seeming to be genuinely touched.

    Either way, she's definitely one good reason (among many) to watch Mad Men.

  5. Careful, RSM -- I lost my AdSense account because I told people to click 'em.

    For some reason, telling people not to click 'em didn't satisfy Google either.

  6. Magson, "stuff of legend"? Yeah, she was a good actress, but I'll take Kaylee's strawberry or Inara's anything over YoSaffBrig. There's nothing wrong with her, but she doesn't rise to "gay test" levels of hot.

  7. Christina's OK. On the other hand, Joan Holloway is hot.

  8. The heck with "nude" shots.

    I'll settle for a good photo of her gams.

    I bet they're to die for!

  9. There's nothing wrong with Vodka Pundit not being gay?

    I'm not so sure.

  10. My wife doesn't think I am gay, and I don't either. And this misguided lady, devoting her life to artificial image and slaving to fashion instead of character, honor, and productive endeavor - leaves me cold.

  11. she's the perfect image of what a woman should look like

  12. absolutely stunning!. the only thing that prevents her being the perfect woman is that she isn't a natural redhead.

  13. I'd kill kittens for one smile from those lips, one gaze from her eyes, one minute of her company..

    Well maybe not kill kittens, but rough some up, Definitely!

  14. Well-formed (and ample) naturals - Check!

    Over 90 pounds (and can't count every single rib) - Check!

    Redhead (for me :p) - Check!

    Uhh... would be tempted to cut off body parts for a night with her - Double check!!!

  15. ha ha ha. she was my hair dye inspiration :)