Sunday, December 7, 2008

Read My Lips: No More Bushes

Over at The American Spectator, Larry Thornberry sees talk of a Jeb Bush run for Mel Martinez's Florida Senate seat as a sign of hope. Sorry, but I see it as a sign of insanity -- according to that definition of insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.

Especially if a Bush 2010 Senate campaign is a prelude to a Bush presidential campaign in 2012 or '16 -- and let's not kid ourselves, that's what it is -- conservatives should oppose it with every means at their disposal. Having fooled 'em once with Bush 41, they fooled 'em twice with Bush 43, and now are attempting to fool 'em again by positioning Jeb to become Bush 45.

No. Not just no, but hell no.

It ought to be clear to intelligent conservatives by now that the Bushes have a hereditary disorder, a genetic predisposition toward bipartisan moderation which they inevitably pursue no matter how many times it leads to disaster. From "kinder, gentler" to "compassionate conservatism," they are the Republican Party's answer to Carrie Buck, and if they are allowed into office again, conservatives will be forgiven for quoting Oliver Wendell Holmes: "Three generations of imbeciles are enough."

I'm seeing Karl Rove and the Bushies now trying to spin a "legacy" for Dubya. As far as I'm concerned, the list of Bush accomplishments begins and ends with "He cut taxes." (Don't get me started on judges -- if it had been up to the Bushies, we'd have Supreme Court justices Alberto Gonzales and Harriet Miers. Only strong opposition from the Federalist Society prevented Bush from appointing these two cronies to the bench.)

Hell no. Not again. Not me. Having a senator from Florida with an "R" beside his name is not victory, if that senator's name is Bush.

Some people didn't believe me when I suggested (on Nov. 1) that the anonymous Republican "insiders" (e.g. Nicolle Wallace) trashing Sarah Palin were Bushies attempting to destroy her because she's a threat to the Jeb 2012 bandwagon. Since then, however, we've learned that Bush loyalist Mel Martinez was one of the anonymous trashers, and now we see Martinez retiring in order to hand off his Senate seat to Jeb.

No. Hell no. This needs to be stopped immediately.


  1. I dunno; seems to me that having Jeb in the Senate would be a lot better than having him one of the potential candidates in 2012 as a former governor. After all, Prescott Bush never went for the White House.

  2. I am not as concerned as you are about Jeb Bush being a potential senator from Florida. He was a successful two-term governor and has to be considered the most conservative of the Bushies. I do not think he would have a case of the Bush bipartisan disease the same as his dad and brother. Actually, I think that the GOP does not want another Bush at the top of a ticket anytime soon. I am one of them. So, a Senator Bush is one that I can handle. Besides, Gov. Palin is going to run for reelection and then the White House.

  3. As a lifelong Floridian who voted for 41 in 88 and 92.

    Jeb in 94 (loss to Chiles), 98 and 02.

    W in 00 and 04...I have had enough of these Bushies. (not to be confused with any aversion to bush, in general, LOL)

    As for the smears, I was under the impression that Schmidt and Wallace are handmaidens of Slick Mitt Romney???

    As you are aware here in Florida, Jeb and Al Cardenas, lobbyist and former Florida GOP Chairman, led Mitt's campaign, Mitt gave his Mormon speech at 41's library and Rove was disparaging of Palin at the RNC convention, esp. in front of the Maine delegation. (wanted Mitt)

  4. If only Jeb was treated like Gimp Boy from 'Pulp Fiction' and only trotted out to vote for something if it needed a tie breaker..

  5. I kind of like Jeb. He's certainly a lot more conservative than his brother and he's seemed combative enough with Dems in his own state when necessary.

  6. Oh....Robert...oh boy.
    Look at the replies to your post.
    Your party is hopeless.
    My my....just insane. Really!
    I mean in principle alone,in honor of what our founding fathers fought Bush should EVER hold office again.
    But these nitwits would actually give him a shot!!!
    I'm at a loss.