Friday, December 12, 2008

Scandal, explained

"When it's a Republican scandal, the press become prosecutors. When there's a Democrat scandal, the press become defense lawyers."
-- Rush Limbaugh


  1. Of course, Rush said so.It must be true!
    That bloated sack of shit is so invested in his schtick that he is incapable of differentiating the truth from his delusions of grandeur.
    I've listened to him long enough to figure out that his business is luring fools into his alternative universe.
    The "biased-mainstream-media" scam is my favorite.
    It's curious to me that someone who has made a handsome living being biased in his coverage should complain about others who purportedly do the same.
    I recall that it was the NY Times that broke the Monica Lewinski story.
    On the other hand, Republican scandals are reported by Conservatives only in passing, if not vociferously defended.
    Rush needs to get off the air and get back to popping Viagra so he can get it up for those crazy weekends with his call-girls in the Dominican Republic...He'd be doing his country a favor.

  2. 4-eyes:
    Actually, it was Matt Drudge who broke the ML story, in fact it is what made him. As far as Rush does, the only thing I can say he is guilty of is that he supports party politics over what is rationally correct at times. After the 2006 elections, he said he would never carry water for the Republicans again. He was mistaken. I will say he is more apt to call a spade a spade in regards to the right as compared to Sean Hannity, that didactic windbag. If you want a straighter shooter from the right, listen to Glenn Beck or Michael Savage. As far as the MSM goes, who do you think pushed Ostalin over the top? If they put Obama under the same scrutiny as Palin, there may have been a different story. As it is, we'll see who gets to fall on their sword for "The One".