Friday, December 12, 2008

No bailout for union goons

Headline at Think Progress:
Conservative ‘No-Bailout Alternative’ For Automakers Amounts To Union-Busting
They say "union-busting" like it's a bad thing. Look: If union goons drive a company out of business -- as the UAW has done to the Big Three -- the resulting loss of jobs is not the fault of conservatives. I am against government bailouts of private industry on principle, but if a bailout is going to be passed, at least it ought require that the industry stop doing the things that led to their bankruptcy, and "no more fat deals for union terrorists" would be a nice asterisk on such a deal.

Liberals should take pleasure in knowing that capitalists feel their pain. Meanwhile, as if to underline their own irrelevancy, Bush and his band of cronies are trying to find a way to bail out the Big Three without congressional authorization:
The White House says it is considering using the Wall Street rescue fund to prevent U.S. automakers from failing.
President George W. Bush's press secretary says it would be "irresponsible" to further weaken the economy by letting the Detroit car companies fail.
Got that? If you're against the bailout, you're "irresponsible," according to Dana Perino. The irresponsible Michelle Malkin reminds us that the White House switchboard number is 202-456-1414.

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey bets that the Bushies will do the wrong thing before the markets close today.


  1. Poor George. He is so desperate to be liked by Democrats.

    He must lie awake at night wondering why Democrats hate him so much, since (outside of a few life issues) he governed as one.

  2. Wow Rae.
    Guess you're regretting voting for him twice.
    Or maybe not since it's easy to throw him under the bus now that there is concensus on how he is an utter failure.
    Make sure to look both ways when you put your finger to the wind....

  3. Guess you're regretting voting for him twice.

    Better get your crystal ball checked out there, y4-e. It's on the fritz.

    Or maybe not since it's easy to throw him under the bus now that there is concensus on how he is an utter failure.

    Stop the presses! y4-e admits Democrat policies, whether implemented by a D or an R, are utter failures!

  4. Yeah, nice try Rae.
    Invading countries based on false allegations (or what Conservatives like to call " bad intelligence")
    is not Democrat policy.
    Running the economy into the ground because "defecits are meaningless" is not Democrat policy.
    Torturing is not Democrat policy.
    Despotism is not Democrat policy.
    Ignoring natural disasters on our homeland is not Democrat policy.
    Breaking the bank on Defense spending without any oversight or accountability is not Democrat policy.
    See where I'm going here?
    You wouldn't.
    The blind follow the blind.
    Try not to step in it from here on out.....

  5. Remind me again, the difference between unions and political parties?

  6. You need to study your history, y4-e.

  7. @Rae,
    You've got to understand that the left never approaches history without an airbrush in hand.

  8. Yes, the unions have wrecked the Big Three, but...there is a lack of accountability in managerial capitalism with respect to management and the incentives that they face. Because managers are handsomely rewarded for short-term management and will not be penalized for harming the long-term health of the company, there is no incentive for CEOs to take the firm stand necessary to stand up to the union demands. This is a governance issue endemic to all large publicly-traded corporations and it will continue to sink banks, car firms, etc. until a solution is found - the only "solution" being offered today is to offload the personal losses of some onto society as a whole.

    the View from Behind the Maple Curtain