Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bailout: 'We are all John McCain now'

A very conservative friend sends an e-mail:
The GOP senators threatening to fillibuster the Auto Bailout are reportedly doing so because they don't think the current plan holds the auto makers to enough accountability. In other words, if better strings were attached, they would have no principled opposition to taking money out of the pockets of people hurting from this government-caused economic meltdown and giving it to failing car companies.
What part of "it is not the role of government to seize the property of citizens and give it to someone else" is so hard for the GOP to champion? It doesn't matter whether the car companies have a good plan, a bad plan, or no plan at all. This is not a proper purpose for taxation. Period. If I thought it made sense, I could buy either the equity (stock) or debt (bonds) of the car companies. This is true of everyone with $3 to his or her name. That people are not voluntarily doing so should be the end of the story.
I don't expect Democrats to understand that. But Mitch McConnell is spoken of as a conservative. Is it that hard for him to say, "no taxpayer funding of private industry"?
I suppose so. We are all John McCain now. There is no idiotic, leftist proposal to which the "conservative" movement won't say, "me too, but with better strings attached."
Enjoy the Depression. It's going to be a long one.
Sad, and sadly true.


  1. Former Wyoming Senator Malcom Wallop nailed the problem way back in 1994, as he prepared to retire: "If the Democrats offered a bill to burn down the capital, many Republicans would offer a compromise measure to phase this in over five years."

    There are variations of this quote all over the internet, with variations in the intended target and the length of the phase- in period, but you get the point. Republicans just won't say NO to anything; all they try to do is mitigate.

    This is why I have never trusted calls for a "bipartisan approach" to anything, no matter who is urging the bipartisanship. That's simply code for a more gradual but no less inexorable march leftward. Someone has to say STOP.

  2. Thanks a whole big lot. Now I will have to gulp the Ambien to sleep well tonight, knowing nothing is being competently taken care of. My sanity demands I stop reading this blog, but I just can't seem to help myself.

  3. Remember the bad old days, before Reagan, when it was said that if the Democrats proposed a bill that would eliminate private property, the Republicans would fight back with a program to phase it out over three years.

    Those days are apparently back. Damn.

  4. The problem is politicians do not know how to make money honestly. The only way they can get money to pay for subsidies and other favors is to take it out of our pockets. People ask what would Reagan do...I have a better one...What would Mao do with corrupt officials...