Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Will NY Times drop Bill Kristol?

George Packer makes the case that the New York Times shouldn't renew Kristol's contract, noting a slew of misguided predictions including "all but predicting a McCain victory [in April], sort of predicting that McCain would oppose the bailout, praising McCain's 'suspension' of his campaign as a smart move," etc.

Despite such errors, I think the Times should keep Kristol and instead drop David Brooks -- from a C-130 over Jalalabad.


  1. Bill Kristol is a blowhard stuffed shirt. Neo-con pushing for the Iraq war; starstruck by Sarah Palin; forever smiling his Pat Robertson "smile" when on the Sunday show with Brit Hume. IMO, he's not worth whatever NY Times pays him. Can do without him, easily!

  2. I thought he was going on the C-130 with Brooks and Will?

  3. Who knew a C-130 could be so funny.

    Thank God I didn't have my coffe.

  4. I don't know, with that pointy, impenetrable skull of his, I'd think Brooks is best deployed in a deep penetrator bunker buster sort of role. I'd drop him on Iran's nuclear facilities, instead.