Thursday, November 20, 2008

Knocked up on Capitol Hill

Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-Calif.) hasn't married the Baby Daddy, although she says such plans are in the works:
So how might Sanchez's pregnancy play out in her district, which is 61% Latino? The national Latina teenage pregnancy rate is twice the country's average. Could a teenager point to her and say, "If she can do it, why can't I?"
The differences, Sanchez thinks, are substantial, and that's a big teachable moment. She's not a "surprised pregnant teenager," 15 or 16, poor, jobless, a dropout. "I'm established in my life. I have a career. I'm financially stable. I have a loving, committed partner. This is something that was planned, not something that was accidental."
Sanchez is 39 and divorced, and early this year, her doctor told her that "if your intention is to become a mother, I wouldn't put it off." So she and Sullivan didn't. They haven't yet set a wedding date. As he told me, "We have the rest of our lives to get engaged and married -- we don't have the rest of our lives" for Sanchez to become pregnant.
Notice the evaporation of any moral stigma to extramarital sex. Why couldn't the "financially stable" Sanchez and her Baby Daddy, consultant Jim Sullivan, go to courthouse and taken out a marriage license? There is a certain snobbery in the assertion that rich people can do as they damned well please, while stigmatizing poor people who do the same.

And of course, there is the rank hypocrisy of a Democratic feminist actually having a baby. If she were truly living out her "progressive" values, she'd have gotten an abortion. On the other hand, if she were really a feminist, she'd be a lesbian.


  1. Sanchez represents the district where my college is located, and I meet with her about internship programs on occasion ... otherwise, I would have ripped into her in my post on the issue.

    This should be a scandal, but it's not, not just for the Beltway folks, but for all the secularists and relativists taking over our institutions, and that's being charitable.

  2. Yes, R.S., this Sanchez may be the "smart" one! But boy did you hit it on the head about her hypocrisy! I mean, we heard nothing but condemantion about Sarah Palin. And of course how awful it is that Bristol Palin is having a baby the way that she is. Ahh, just another day in the Democrat controlled congress!

  3. I've always said that the immorality of out elites is a huge problem-the upper classes have the resources to ameliorate (some of) the negative effects of single parenthood- although I'd argue that the effects of DDD (Dad Deficit Disorder) are spread widely throughout society. In my job as a high school teacher I see it every day. But, to use the old fashioned phrase, the lower orders ape their betters- (or more often nowadays the opposite)but without the resources to mitigate the damage. The result is chaos.