Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holiday Books: Mises & Hayek

Only 33 shopping days until Christmas!

The 2008 Holiday Book Sale continues with two free-market classics from two giants of Austrian economics: Socialism by Ludwig von Mises and The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich Hayek. First published just five years after the Russian Revolution, Socialism prophetically explained why socialism wouldn't work -- a prophecy that the Bolsheviks spent the next 70 years proving true.

It was Mises' pupil, Hayek, who helped spark the free-market revival in the West with his 1944 triumph, The Road to Serfdom. Indisputably one of the most influential books of the 20th century, The Road to Serfdom warned that the social democratic Welfare State was steadily leading the West down the path toward totalitarianism. Chapter 10, "Why the Worst Get On Top," is a famously cogent explanation of why successful socialist movements (and make no mistake, fascism and Nazism were as socialist as Bolshevism) are inevitably led by evil men.

These two books are truly timeless, but for some reason, they seem particularly timely this year. If there's someone on your Christmas list who doesn't yet understand that there can be no freedom without economic freedom -- or just a conservative buddy who needs to deepen his understanding of why socialism doesn't work -- then I strongly recommend you send both Socialism and The Road to Serfdom.

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