Tuesday, November 18, 2008

'My friends . . .'

That other McCain -- the one who lost the election -- owes Republicans a concession speech, says Pete Parisi:
As is customary on election night, Republican presidential nominee John McCain called his rival, Barack Obama, to concede defeat and graciously wish the Illinois Democrat well as he prepares to move into the White House in January. The Arizona lawmaker then delivered that same message to disappointed supporters gathered in Phoenix and on national television.
Now, two weeks later, it's time for Mr. McCain to make a second concession speech — this one to his fellow Senate Republicans, when they gather Tuesday [Nov. 18] to organize their conference for the 111th Congress — conceding that he ran the most incompetent campaign in memory, apologizing for it and urging that the party's 2012 nominee not to make the same mistakes if the GOP is to have any hope of wresting back the White House four years from now.
(Hat tip: Protein Wisdom.) Pete's actually drafted a text for Crazy Cousin John, so read the whole thing.

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