Sunday, November 16, 2008

The WaPo wants to hire me?

I think that's what ombsbudsman Deborah Howell means by saying they need to hire more conservative journalists.

Sorry, Ms. Howell, I'm not interested. The Post is a Guild shop, and I refuse to pay money to union goons for the privilege of working at a sucky newspaper. I can find sucky jobs on my own.


  1. What crack is she smoking? Basically, she is calling conservative writers (women and minorities too) less skilled than liberal ones:

    "The first is not easy: Editors hire not on the basis of beliefs but on talent in reporting, photography and editing, and hiring is at a standstill because of the economy. But newspapers have hired more minorities and women, so it can be done."

    And she doesn't seem to think it is on purpose:

    "Conservatives who think the press is deliberately trying to help Democrats are wrong. But conservatives are right that journalism has too many liberals and not enough conservatives. It's inconceivable that that is irrelevant."

    It would be impossible to get objectivity when 90% of the people in that industry are left leaning. Does she think that Journalists are so rational, dispassionate and indifferent that they could never let their biases influence their writing?

    I'll never forget when one of my fellow grad students at NYU said to me that she wanted to be a journalist because she wanted to educate people. Somehow I think there is a distinction between teaching and informing and I should have told her she was in the wrong profession, but being the only conservative in the school, I would have been better off jumping off Arthur L. Carter Hall.

  2. AMEN, brother! It is the labor unions that may bring down the three American car makers. Why be a part of another industry that is going down the same road?