Monday, November 17, 2008

Tim Pawlenty, scumbag

Human Events reports from the RGA in Miami:
After HUMAN EVENTS reported the halting of Palin's press conference, corroboration of our take on what happened came from another media source: "Another Republican governor eyeing a presidential run in 2012 told CNN the event [Palin’s press conference] was 'odd' and 'weird,' and said it "unfortunately sent a message that she was the de facto leader of the party." NBC News, which falsely reported last night that it was Palin who wanted the news conference cut short, has corrected itself this morning on Today. . . .
The "Republican governor eyeing a presidential run in 2012" appears to be Minnesota's Tim Pawlenty. Pawlenty used his time at yesterday’s roundtable discussion to cast himself as the "modern" Republican while casting aspersions on the traditional conservative message, calling for outreach to the "new demographics," deriding the GOP for allegedly being 15 years behind in the use of the Internet, and calling for the party not to be led by "a crank." Pawlenty appears to have John McCain's penchant for attacking conservatives rather than those in the other party.
OK, scratch Pawlenty from your 2012 list.


  1. Tim Pawlenty has always been impresssed with the fellow in his mirror.

    And hasn't a conservative principle in his alleged mind...

  2. Off topic, Robert, but shouldn't John now be referred to as the "other McCain"?

  3. Oh, and yes, Pawlenty has just had his "V" moment, where the mask slips and we see him for the reptile he is.

  4. I think he was referring to McCain with the crank remark...

  5. Human Events misreports Pawlenty's remarks -- Pawlenty was attacking _McCain_ for being a cranky, angry old man:

    “When did you see Reagan get angry,” Pawlenty said, adding that the 1980s president was positive and strong. “People want to follow mostly positive leaders; they don’t want to follow cranks,” he said, an apparent reference to McCain, which was met with scattered laughs from the crowd.

  6. Again, we can not trust someone who came out very early on backing Sen. McCain for the GOP nod. That was Gov. Pawlenty. The only reason he has won two elections is that there is a strong third-party in Minnesota and the Democrat candidates have been weak. Hey, Gov. Palin beat a popular, former Democrat, Tony Knowles, for her job in 2006-a very Democrat year, by six-points. And really, maybe HE is the crank!


    I blogged about this in passing but thanks for the indepth coverage and source material, which puts Mr. Sam's Club in an even worse light...

    Unlike little Pawlenty, who could not deliver his state and will probably give us Franken, Sarah Palin has a pair of brass ones.

    Fix your own state Timmy, we don't need another RINO or McCain lite in 12'!!!

    Palin-Jindal 12'

  8. Then there's this note about Gov. Pawlenty at The American Spectator:

    Basically, Pawlenty has been held up as a serious contender for moderate Republican votes at the national level. But he has been "tepid," to say the least, when it comes to defending our goals in Iraq and the long war.

    Regarding AGW, this article on Mr. Pawlenty's waffling over whether global warming is man-made:

    So basically, you get a smoother, younger, non-military, non-hawkish version of McCain. A lot of folks like the man, but I don't see him showing the toughness required for a run in 2012.