Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Palin 'a rallying point for women'

Says Dick Morris:
Sarah Palin made a vast difference in McCain’s favor. Compared to 2004, McCain lost 11 points amg white men, according to the Fox News exit poll, but only four points among white women. Obama’s underperformance among white women, evident throughout the fall, may be chalked up, in large part, to the influence of Sarah Palin. She provided a rallying point for women who saw their political agenda in terms larger than abortion. She addressed the question of what it is like to be a working mother in today’s economy and society and resonated with tens of millions of white women who have not responded to the more traditional, and liberal, advocates for their gender.
Look, my support for Sarah Palin has nothing to do with her being a feminist hero or a role model for working women. I like her because (a) she's conservative, and (b) she could be a winner. And (c) she's hot, too.


  1. Hear hear Robert!!!
    As they say in the UK parliament...

    The only question in my book is whether its 12' or, God forbid, 16'.

  2. Dick Morris!?!?
    Oh c'mon.
    You know things have gone really bad for you when you turn to someone who exemplifies political hackery.Morris is nothing but a political suck-up who got his start with the Clintons and now butters his bread over at Fox by spewing exactly what Fox wants to hear.
    I know you folks are desperately looking to Palin as the last best hope for the kind of Conservatism you are accustomed to. She's a pliable Conservative who is not bright enough to stand on principle because her only principle is getting elected.
    I maintain that she was a resounding failure as VP choice given that she could not accomplish what she was chosen to do, and that is sway disgruntled Clinton voters.
    It was like asking voters to eat Hamburger Helper because the steak was off the menu.

  3. Hell, Palin's a rallying point for men.