Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Steele blasts RNC 'cocktail party'

Telling it like it is:
Mr. Steele blasted the Republican Party's lackluster effort in recruiting those same new voters, especially minorities.
"The problem is that within the operations of the RNC, they don't give a damn. It's all about outreach ... and outreach means let's throw a cocktail party, find some black folks and Hispanics and women, wrap our arms around them - 'See, look at us,' " he said.
"And then we go back to same old, same old. There's nothing that is driven down to the state party level, where state chairmen across the country, to the extent they don't appreciate it, are helped to appreciate the importance of
African-Americans and women and others coming and being a part of this party, and to the extent that they do appreciate it, are given support and backup to generate their own programs to create this relationship."
And, of course, the RNC will ignore Steele's criticism and pick another middle-aged white guy as chairman. Well, anybody would be improvement on Mel Martinez.


  1. Odd, I always thought it was the part enclosed within the container we cared about...

    Whenever anyone starts at me with "You need to reach out to blacks/browns/yellows/reds..." I 1st check to see they don't have the corners of baggies peeking out their pockets. I then ask them if they would like a beverage, and if they'd just be so kind as to tell me what the color of the container it should be in, ("Sorry, my reading glasses are at the repairshop...",).
    I have a container for each color...

    I made the biggest impact when a nice granola-chewing young fellow asked for " ". I went to the drybar, opened the drawer and took out a can brakefluid, and standing infront of him, poured it into a glass. I have reproduced our exchange faithfully from the dica-phone(tm) I use to remember people:

    "That's poison! Its not pop!" exclaimed granola guy!

    "But its the right color... stop being so closed-minded, I'm sure it'll be fine...", said I.

    "I'm NOT drinking that!", gg whined.

    "I don't understand..." I said, sounding perplexed.

    "It will kill me! Are you colorblind?"

    "I dunno,... You seem really sure about this..."

    "Of course I am! Have you taken your meds today? [expletive deleated] Look! Its *poison*! It may be the same color as pop, it may look look cool-aid, but it'll kill somebody! Its not the same! Are you [expletive deleated] crazy? Its [expletive deleated] stupid to pour me that and tell me its safe because its the same [expletive deleated] color as my drink! Its not made of stuff safe to eat!" He was getting frustrated now.

    "Yes, I guess its what someone is made of, not the color of the container that's important..." I smiled indulgently at him.

    It ain't the color, but the content!

  2. As a Black Conservative, I have to tell you it sometimes gets so frustrating to defend the GOP and their political practices. It's as if they refuse to put up a fight for the Black American, Hispanic, Woman, any minority. Which is a shame, because guys like Jindal and Steele, and women like Palin - could be the face of the party. The GOP espouses so many of the traditional values of minority Americans- and Conservatives are much more all-inclusive if you ask me (see Rosie and Roseanne's "ignorant" blasts on blacks).. Steele is right as usual, and hopefully enough of us will pay attention.

    Great post.
    - TMS

  3. "Me", how is the "Woman" vote, (as stated in your post) a minority? At last census women were greater than 50%... unless something happened I should know about, it is still above 50% - and that's a majority.

    What about the "elephant" in the room? Why "reach out"/pander/what have you to any of these groups?

    Look America is unique among nations in that we are bound (or *were* bound) together by ideas rather than ethnicity, skincolor, or origins. Lets reach out to the *Conservative, law-abiding* folk, be they black, brown, yellow, white, green, purple with blue moles.

    Why does skincolor matter? If you say "its culture, not color," then show me what that culture has to offer that is good. I'll probably push to adopt it.

    Character, not Color.