Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Union bosses rip off workers

More proof why "corrupt union" is redundant:
The Hudson study found that by 2005, the last full year of reports filed, 21 of the nation’s biggest unions show that their rank and file members’ pensions are only funded at an appalling 67.7%. Conversely, the pension funds of the union bosses are funded at a much better 88.3%. So, the union bosses — all of who have a separate pension fund than their own rank and file members — have made sure THEIR pensions are funded at a much higher rate than that of their own members.
Needless to say, the union bosses administer both their own and the rank and file members’ funds.
The SEIU is particularly egregious in that the union bosses have a pension funded at 103% while to poor rank and file members are only at a paltry 75% funded.
The whole purpose of labor unions is to collect money to pay fat salaries for the lazy goons who do no actual work. Unions exist exclusively to serve the interests of their leadership, and the poor saps in the rank-and-file -- forced to pay dues as a condition of employment -- are merely the prey of the parasitical goons.

The National Legal and Policy Center's "Union Corruption Update" regularly highlights specific instances of extraordinary thievishness among Big Labor's top goons. But since the entire enterprise of organized labor thievery is a dishonest extortion racket, it is thus absurd to reserve the adjective "corrupt" for those union officials who steal a little more than the law allows.

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