Thursday, July 17, 2008

Funny. Smart. Loser.

Why I wouldn't actually vote for Sean Tevis:
  • He's a Democrat -- Total deal-killer. The Gambino mob of American politics, corrupt to the core.
  • His phony head-fake on immigration -- Faux-conservatism on immigration is to Democrats in this decade what "let's get tough on drugs" was for Democrats in the '90s, a way to seem conservative without ever actually voting conservative. The Democrats are total open-borders, because they're basically importing a new constituency.
  • His name is Sean -- Friends don't friends vote for people named Sean. Or Kevin. Or Heather. If you want to be a politican, get a real name.
  • He's Greek -- Name a good Greek-American politician. You can't. The Greeks haven't produced a decent politician since Pericles.
But while I'd never vote for him, Tevis does bring the funny.

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