Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ross Douthat stifles dissent

The snotty Harvard punk (hey, I can still say that here, can't I?) assigns an intern to patrol his blog comments, suppressing anyone who points out the absurdity of an Ivy League intellectual posing as a proletarian pundit.

Douthat -- a/k/a the GOP's answer to "Mudcat" -- will be rolling out his snotty punk prescription for the Republican Party at a swank Dupont Circle party for all the other Harvard snobs tomorrow. Have fun with that.


  1. Yeesh - what did Douthat do to piss you off? Those comments threads are mile-long strings of angry personal attacks that no one reads except the people who use them to bitch about Republicans and each other. And Ross's job doesn't allow him to monitor them, so they're having an intern take care of it. How is that a matter of suppression?

  2. Dear John: Douthat became a published author at 24, writing a book about (get this) what it's like to go to Harvard. Wanna bet the publishers aren't lining up to hand contracts to graduates of East Texas State University for memoirs about the ETSU experience?

    And now Douthat has written a book about how Republicans can appeal to the working class -- yeah, just what the GOP needs, more advice from Harvard-educated intellectuals.