Sunday, July 13, 2008

'Fast Eddie' Morrissey

When I got on the McCain campaign's conference call this afternoon, I didn't realize that Ed Morrissey of Hot Air was also on the call.

Ed actually got his version of the conference call online 7 minutes faster than I did, which is pretty doggone impressive. I'm pretty quick at whipping together spot news, and it's not often I get beat -- even by 7 minutes -- when I'm in a hurry. So, a big hat-tip to Capt. Ed.

UPDATE: Oh, yeah, the conference call. Former U.S. Treasure Rosario Marin said, basically, that Obama would tell the National Council of La Raza that McCain has changed his position on shamnesty open borders immigration reform. Not true, according to Marin. The "border security first" position is just a precursor to implementing the whole enchilada of guest workers and amnesty for illegals. Or, at least that's what I took her to mean when she said, "He will do it in steps."

I never got to ask my question, which was, "Is there really any point in a Republican getting into a pandering competition with a Democrat?"

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