Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fight on, Ricki Lieberman!

She raised more than $100,000 for Hillary Clinton -- and she ain't quitting yet:
Lieberman is keeping her own private hope alive with a daily email blast to supporters, entitled "Electability Watch," which features a cascade of negative articles and other items about Obama as a means to argue that superdelegates should change their minds in Denver and crown Clinton the nominee instead. . . .
In an interview, Lieberman said it is incumbent upon the party's superdelegates to take another cold, hard look at which candidate will be more electable in the fall. Given that neither Obama nor Clinton managed to win enough pledged delegates to secure the nomination, a switch from Obama to Clinton is a technical possibility that nevertheless seems highly improbable. . . .
Lieberman presses on each and every day with her emails, signing off each one with an exhortation for her audience to "GO GO GO!!!" in their efforts to contact and persuade superdelegates. While Lieberman would not reveal the number of people on her list, she bragged in one email that her organization is "beginning to reach SDs [superdelegates] thousands of times a week."
It's hard to beat somebody who refuses to quit. This kind of persistence against all reasonable hope may look a lot like "crazy" to you. I call it "courage." Ricki Lieberman, I salute you. And two new points for "Electability Watch":
Spread the word, Ricki . . .

UPDATE: Gallup has Obama by 2 points. Which reminds me again of what Clinton's people kept trying to point out during the primary campaign: Obama can't win the Big One. He can't close the deal. Or, to quote Paul Begala . . .

UPDATE II: Obama supporters are sending death threats to PUMAs. New Obama slogan: "Hope. Change. Or Death."


  1. I am literally sickened by these people like Ricki Lieberman, who refuse to face reality and unite to do good and get Obama in the White House.

    Look, I understand that they didn't get what they want, but they are throwing tantrums because of it. They need to act like adults. At this stage in the game, if the super delegates actually turned around and supported Hillary, made her the official candidate, do you think she would even BEGIN to have a hope at winning? She would be DESTROYED, even by a candidate as inept as John McCain. Obama supporters would (rightly) continue to support Obama (as he did actually win). Moreover, if the super delegates took Obama's victory away from him despite the votes of the democratic party, there would be outrage much more intense than anything we've seen about Clinton not winning. Florida and Michigan thought they had an argument for feeling cheated, imagine the response of more than 50% of the democrats who voted in the primaries.

    Obama is the candidate. While I respect that Ricki has the right to pitch a fit, and she doesn't necessarily have to line up behind Obama if she doesn't believe he'd be a good president, she clearly has not actually given any real thought to what would happen if her campaign succeeded.

    Worse than her, though, are the Clinton supporters who are going to go vote for McCain because Clinton didn't win. Policy-wise, Clinton and Obama differ only slightly - McCain is the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Not only do they clearly not actually support Clinton, but their little tantrums have the potential of damaging the future of our country and the entire world. That might sound overly dramatic, but if McCain wins because of these adults acting like children, then continues Bush's horrific foreign policy for another 4 to 8 years... I don't even have words for it. I have no problem with someone supporting McCain because they actually agree with him - I may disagree, but I can certainly respect different opinions. But voting for him because their candidate didn't win the democratic nomination, regardless of actual policies? Grow up.

  2. Hillary Clinton should be the Democrats Nominee. Obama keeps "changing" his mind on things and is proving to be just another male politician that can give a good speech.

    Hillary Clinton is brilliant and has the experience that is needed for our next President. She won the popular vote! Those same votes will make the difference to win the White House.



  3. Buyer's remorse is setting in, even with the obamabots. This summer we're getting a real sense the Obama is NOT going to be a good candidate through the fall. The super delegates have one job: to nominate the most electable candidate. Obama is blowing it, dropping in the polls while readying himself to commit huge blunders like trying to speak in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Please.

    I believe Obama will make a great president. Someday. But it's time for everyone to realize that the presidency in not an internship.