Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hubris watch

Having predicted from the git-go that this European excursion would be a disaster for Barack Obama, I now see the albatrosses are flocking aboard:
Senator John McCain's trip to Iraq last spring was a low-key affair: With his ordinary retinue of reporters following him abroad, the NBC News anchor Brian Williams reported on his arrival in Baghdad from New York, with just two sentences tacked onto the "in other political news" portion of his newscast.
But when Obama heads for Iraq and other locations overseas this summer, Williams is planning to catch up with him in person, as are the other two evening news anchors, Charles Gibson of ABC and Katie Couric of CBS, who, like Williams, are far along in discussions to interview Obama on successive nights.
He'll be surrounded in a cocoon of liberal media adulation, a thousand cameras on the scene to record that historical moment when, at long last, Hope jumps the shark.

Or rides the tank, as it were.

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