Friday, July 18, 2008

The argument for spinsterhood

Megan McArdle, weary of fending off marriage proposals from lovestruck suitors entranced by her gigantic charms, issues a cri de coeur:
I assume that contrary to the popular stereotype, men actually must do much better out of marriage than women do, because society expends so much energy on telling women that they cannot be happy unless they marry, and trying to make sure they can't be happy by stigmatizing women who don't.
It's gotten so the poor gal can hardly go in public, as she is constantly besieged my heartsick swains falling to their knees, begging her to accept their tokens of undying love. Yet, alas for her legions of smitten admirers, it appears Miss McArdle will never consent to satisfy their desire for her companionship in connubial bliss, no matter how many carats are in those diamonds they offer as inducement.

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