Saturday, July 19, 2008

Obama in Afghanistan

New York Times:
Mr. Obama touched down in Kabul about 11:45 a.m. [local time], according to a pool report released by his aides. In addition to attending briefings with military leaders, he hoped to meet with President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan before flying to Iraq later in the weekend.
His trip was cloaked in secrecy, which advisers said was due to security concerns set forth by the Secret Service. His whereabouts have been unknown since he departed Chicago. He left Andrews Air Force Base near Washington on Thursday afternoon, according to a pool report, and turned up in Afghanistan on Saturday.
(Alas, Katie Couric reduced to 'pool' duty!)
Mr. Obama’s arrival opened a weeklong foreign trip that includes visits to Iraq and two other stops in the Middle East as well as appearances in three European capitals. . . .
The international trip by Mr. Obama is intended to counter Republican criticism . . . that he has too little experience in foreign affairs to serve as a world leader.
Note that word "intended" -- the New York Times report presumes to know the intent of Team Obama. There should be an attribution in that sentence, someone saying that this is their intent: "according to campaign strategists," or some such thing.

While the New York Times was teaching its reporters to read minds, perhaps it could have taught them to tell the truth, i.e., this foreign trip is a huge publicity stunt, not a "fact-finding" tour. And it's also a gigantic gamble by Team Obama, since any gaffe committed by Obama abroad will underline his unreadiness for the job of Commander-in-Chief.

Bon voyage, Obama!

UPDATE: By the way, Hopey "hopes to meet with President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan" -- let's reference the famous "5Ws and an H" of journalism for a moment, shall we? Who is Hamid Karzai and when did he become president? What event precipitated his installation as president, and who was the American president whose administration supported Karzai? How would Obama's policy in Afghanistan differ from the Bush administration's? Most importantly, where was Obama when U.S. troops were liberating Afghanistan, and why are none of these questions being asked by the New York Times?

Damn. They can read minds, but they can't do basic reporting.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin notes the first entry in the "Obama World Tour" T-shirt design competition:

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  1. Why is Barack Obama in Afghanistan ? Are politics that important ? That you have to put your life on the line, to prove to the world, or mostly the American public, that by visiting Afghanistan, you'll leave there with more knowledge of war and be a better Commander in Chief. C'mon...

    I find it a little reckless and disturbing that *Senator* Barack Obama has been egged on to travel to the Middle East and put his life and the future of America, in danger.