Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nancy Pelosi-nomics

Ann Coulter:
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi . . . explained the cause of high oil prices back in 2006: "We have two oilmen in the White House. The logical follow-up from that is $3-a-gallon gasoline. It is no accident. It is a cause and effect. A cause and effect." . . .
Is that why a barrel of oil costs mere pennies in all those other countries in the world that are not run by "oilmen"? Wait -- it doesn't cost pennies to them? That's weird. . . .
The current Democratic mantra on energy is: "We can't drill our way out of this problem." Apparently their plan is to talk our way out of this problem.
Jimmie at Sundries Shack demonstrates that -- Yes, We Can! -- drill our way out of this problem and, contrary to the Democratic mantra, it wouldn't take years, either.

Maybe we could also conserve some energy, if all the networks weren't so busy flying TV news crews around the world to cover Obama's Excellent Adventure.

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