Monday, July 21, 2008

'Slogan-festooned vomit bags'

Via e-mail, a friend informed me:
Obama is so detestable that I have resolved to get drunk and vote for McCain, along with Ann of course.
I didn't get the reference, because I was en route to Alabama to shoot my 4th of July fireworks show when Ann Coulter published this column:
The irony is, the only people McCain can count on to vote for him are the very Republicans he despises -- at least those of us who can get drunk enough on Election Day to pull the lever for him. In fact, we should organize parties around the country where Republicans can get drunk so they can vote for McCain. We can pass out clothespins with his name as a reminder and slogan-festooned vomit bags.
Turns out there's an entire Web site devoted to this idea. Unfortunately, due to federal ethanol subsidies, the price of liquor has skyrocketed and, due to the recession, not even Republicans can afford enough booze to get them that drunk.

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